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Philip Sherburne

Philip Sherburne
Rhythm is texture writ large; peaks and valleys turned to pulse.
writ - legal order, written document
Texture is rhythm rendered microscopic; (ir)regularity encoded and impressed upon the surface of sound.
render - do transform, bring to a certain condition, submit,
encode - convert a message into a code(usually secret), encrypt
Where these two break and cleave apart, the click; smooth-faced, one-dimensional, textureless and out of time.
cleave - split, rupture,
The atomic test of sound's durability; a black hole like a tiny diamond.
durability - lastingness, resistance, stability, solidity
The click is remainder, the bit spit out of the break.
remainder - that which remains, remnant, balance
The indigestible leftover that code won't touch.
indigestible - not digestible, not easily digested
digest - break down and absorb (food), consider, assimilate
leftover - residue, remainder, remnant
Cousin to the glitch, the click sounds the alarm.
glitch - snag, malfunction
snag - protrusion, sharp point, hidden obstacle, unseen danger
malfunction - failture to operate, breakdown, function in a defective manner,
It alerts the listener to error.
The motor fails, the disk spins down, and against pained silence there sound only the machinic hack of the click.
It is the sound of impatience at technology's betrayal, fingernails tapped on the table while waiting to reboot.
betrayal - disloyalty
It is the drumming the thrum of too much information.
thrum - strum a guitar, knock
Distance, for the military, are measured in clicks.
milirary - soldierly, martial
solidierly - of a soldier, resembling a soldier in manner or character
martial - of war, of warrior
As metaphor, the clicks multifaceted and multifarious - it speaks volumes.
metaphor - simile ( phrase in which one term is poetically substituted for another )
simile - comparison, likeness
multifaceted - of many aspects, of many dimensions
multifarious - having many kinds of parts, having many kinds of elements, multiform,
An overdetermined word at the crux of so many vocaburaries; of clicks, Glocks, safecrakers.
overdetermined -
crux - heart of the matter, main point
safecrackers - burglar who breaks into a safe (large strongbox) to steal
The "click " is onomatopoeic, and thus portable across languages.
onomatopoeic - of a word that resembles or imitates a natural sound.
It is metaphor and metonym at once, a borrowed approximation for a non-sound that has swelled into something larger.
metonym - symbolic word representation (i.e. property of the crown)
swell - act of swelling, bulging, swollenness, fullness, wave, elevation of land, amazing, great
Connect the dots, and what do you have ?
A new pointillism, an international network, a growing linkage of artists all in pursuit of different agendas, different intentions, different ends.
pointillism - drawing throuth points or dots (movement in art)
linkage - act of linking, connection, joining
pursuit - chase, hunt, search, occupation, pastime, hobby
agendas - schedule, daily, plan
The click is the hub at the center of all these nodes (even if It's artificial, the click-as-affect).
The click - like this clique-of-click - itself is an accident, an accidental collision of styles and intents, noise attracted to noise and static seeking out static.

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